Energy Clearings With Elizabeth

Do you sense, hear or see Spirit?

Have you noticed a concerning change in your thoughts?

Are you having trouble selling your home?

Do you sense something "just doesn't feel right?

Is something in your home frightening you or your family?

Is there a room in your home or a picture/ornament that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Have you or others held a séance or tried to contact spirit in your home?

Have you just moved to a new home or office and would like the energy cleared?


Elizabeth has the ability to see, hear and communicate with spirit, working directly with Mary & Malachi, they have the ability to remove and clear any negative energy on individuals, homes or workplaces. Through the process Elizabeth will ensure that all negative energy has been removed and will also give you the tools to make sure it never happens again.

What is negative energy?

Chakra points on personSome Spirits remain earthbound and rarely do harm, though they can be mischievous and just inquisitive, you may notice lights or electrical equipment turning themselves on or off or doors that where opened, closed etc. It is recommended that this energy be re -moved as it can cause a vortex in your residence, once open this vortex will allow other energy that is harmful and of malice into your home, causing huge upset in your environment.

If you hold or have held a séance, read tarot cards, angle cards or actively practice in the spiritual field and do not input the proper protection (white lightening is not enough) this activity, will also allow harmful spirit into your environment and in frequent cases attached themselves to a person taking part, once this happens the upheaval in your life that this will cause can be very damaging in all areas of your being.

Why remove negative energy?

Have you ever walked into a room or home and wanted to walk straight out again? Or have you walked into a home or room and absolutely loved the feel of it?

Removing negative energy from your residence will straight away uplift the feel and atmosphere, negative energy can be as simple as allot of tension, arguments, and negative gossip or conversations about others or it can be of spirit. Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi shift and remove all negative energy so it is cleansed and that repressive feeling has left the room.

If you have just purchased a new residence or have a business, having a energy clearing done will elevate any problems before they begin.

If you are having more disturbing experiences occur in your home, for example, children having nightmares and saying unusual things about what they are seeing or hearing, it is very likely that they are telling the truth as children have not developed that "Doubting Thomas" belief as adults have, they are more likely to have a spiritual experience.

Do you wake up feeling like something is lying on top of you and you can't move or you have woken up and can see a large dark figure standing at the end of your bed (knowing it isn't a human being) these are definite signs of spiritual malevolence in your environment that needs to be removed, cleansed and safe guards implemented so it doesn't happen again.


Individual Energy Clearing (In Person)

This is a 1 hour personal energy clearance session with Elizabeth. In this time Elizabeth will do a full clearing, helping remove negative energies from your life.


Individual Energy Clearing (Phone)

A 1 hour energy clearing for individuals with Elizabeth conducted via phone.


Residential Energy Clearing (In Person)

A 1 hour residential/workplace energy clearing conducted by Elizabeth in person. Fee includes travel expenses within Brisbane.


Residential Energy Clearing (Phone)

A 1 hour energy clearing session with Elizabeth for your place of residence or workplace conducted over the phone.