The Sacred Meditation

Stairs to heavenTime: 5 minutes building to 15-20 minutes

Purpose: stilling the mind to facilitate Spiritual/Psychic connection.

During this meditation, Divine Spirit connects and works with each person individually, directing inner energy towards spiritual/psychic development.

To begin:
Choose the same time, place and ritual (music, chair, prayer and candle if desired), as this alerts highly evolved Spirit guides, who then gather around to work with each individual.

Sit comfortably hands and legs crossed or uncrossed, and jewellery off or on as desired, as the energy has no boundaries.

Close eyes. Carefully listen to the sound of the breath moving in and out during inhalation and exhalation. If concentration falters and thoughts start infiltrating, observe these without participation, and refocus on breathing.

Inhale deeply, feeling energy coming up from the ground through the soles of the feet, up through the legs, up through the torso, rising through the chest, up through the neck and into the head.
Holding the breath … feel the energy moving, circulating slowly, swirling within the head … then while exhaling, feel it coming down through the body and into the earth again.

Repeat the whole sequence a second time.

On the third and final sequence, allow the energy coming down through the chest to be expelled in the breath from the heart chakra, in a long, whooshing sigh.
Feel it, as it goes out from the heart.

Then breath deeply in and out five times, increasing pace with each breath.

After the final inhalation expel the breath in a long sigh and sit very still, breathing normally and very gently. Maintain this stillness for as long as possible.

The quietening of mind waves eventually allows connection to one’s God-self, opening possibilities for realisation of one’s spiritual/psychic potential.

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