Psychic Medium Readings With Elizabeth

Woman silhouette in skyElizabeth is unique in her gift with her two spiritual guides Mary & Malachi. The information given is centred on the "Now" however, if there is information that is relevant or important to the future it will be disclosed and discussed in the reading.

If you are in a rut, on the wrong path, lost, disheartened in life, need relationship or business guidance or help in the right direction they will be able to give you the strategies, answers and tools that will assist you, to move through the maze, make informed choices and move forward.

For more information about any of these services or to make a booking, please call our office on 0426 212 111 or email us here


1 Hour Reading & Cd Recording

If you require interaction with Elizabeth and her guides Mary & Malachi, questions and exploration of the information provided please ask for the hour reading.


40 Minute Reading & Cd Recording

If you only require information with minimal interaction please ask for this reading.


20 Minute Reading & Cd Recording

The 20 minute reading is conducted in two ways, Elizabeth and her guides Mary & Malachi can do an overall reading in which they will go into things slightly or you can ask three questions in which they can explore further with you.


1 Hour Energy Work (Healing)

Through energy healing Elizabeth & her guides Mary & Malachi are able to clear blockages in your energy field, identifying areas that are stagnate and work with you to minimise stress in your life to assist with your overall health and well being.


1 Hour Chakra Balancing/Healing

Elizabeth & her guides Mary & Malachi work with you to remove blocks and balance your Chakras, so as the life force energy is able to filter through your energy field into your Chakras. This enables your system to flow with its natural rhythm improving your energy and motivation levels.