About Elizabeth's Readings

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Mission Statement

"To offer guidance to people, so they are able to make the changes they need to in their lives to walk the path that was given to them by Divine Design, so as they can live their life purpose, come to know and understand their authentic self and along their journey strengthen their connection with the Divine"

Psychic Medium Readings with Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi

It is important to keep an open mind, so that full benefit may be obtained from a reading. Elizabeth is adamant, that clients do not disclose any information prior to the reading, to her or her staff members. Please do not be offended when speaking with a staff member that they ask you not to disclose any personal information to them. This is to ensure that there can be no possible doubt of Elizabeth's authenticity.

During a reading, Elizabeth may ask for clarification with information she is receiving from Mary & Malachi, Elizabeth will often ask "Do you understand" or "Do you agree with what Mary & Malachi just stated" Requesting a yes or no response from the client.

Initially, when the reading first begins, Elizabeth will explain about the reading, when the reading commences it can initially seem fragmented as Mary & Malachi will sometimes jump from topic to topic, but they then weave the story of that person's life together, giving the person the guidance and strategies, that they may need to make decisions and move forward.


Elizabeth is unique with her gift with her two spiritual guides Mary & Malachi, primarily your reading is with Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi, departed love ones do enter the readings but this is at Mary & Malachi's grace. Elizabeth requests that at the time of the booking, you make the staff member aware that you would like to contact a departed loved one and if able she will then try to bring that person through for you, but there is no guarantee (if you choose to having a reading elsewhere, could they really guarantee you?) as the primary purpose for Elizabeth to give readings is through, her two guides Mary & Malachi.

As Elizabeth does not request payment at the time of booking, (unless you are having an hour reading & cd rec pkg an all in one package or house clearing, where payment is required within 24 hrs of the booking) payment is required prior to the commencement of the reading. We request that if you cannot make your appointment, that you please call and cancel. If you do not cancel your booking and require an appointment at a later date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Elizabeth often has people sit absolutely silent during a reading, and when she asks if there are any questions, the client's mind has gone blank from information overload, resulting in a later remembrance of the one wanted question, forgotten to be asked. Interaction with Mary and Malachi during a reading is both acceptable and welcomed by them. Any information regarding other people is given as a general overview, safeguarding each soul's personal privacy.

"If you leave your preconceived ideas behind, you'll benefit greatly from meeting with Elizabeth, Mary and Malachi"

Remember, you alone have the power to change your life. All that Mary and Malachi and your higher self do, is provide you with the information that can assist and guide you towards making positive changes, which will help you to move forward in this life. What you do with the information received from the reading is totally in your hands, and is your responsibility

Disclaimer: Readings are for the purpose of assistance and guidance only and do not take the place of professional therapeutic practitioners and doctors.