Elizabeth, Mary & Malachi

"To renew one's faith and for those who are lost"

Mary Magdalene

The readings are translated through Elizabeth Mani from Central Queensland. Elizabeth was born with her gift and as a young child has been seeing and communicating with spirit. As a mother of three she now works in the spiritual field to share her gift of spirit with those who are open to experience something unique.

Elizabeth works with two her spiritual guides Mary & Malachi. The readings are centred on the "Now" however, if there is information that is relevant or important to the future it will be disclosed and discussed in the reading. If you are in a rut, on the wrong path, lost, disheartened in life, have an illness, need relationship or business guidance or need help in the right direction they will be able to give you the strategies, answers and tools that will assist you, to move through the maze, make informed choices and move forward.

Mary & Malachi are two Jewish beings who had an earthly experience 2000 years ago and now in spirit work directly with Elizabeth Mani. Elizabeth knows them to be extremely kind and non - judgemental and at times is amazed at the lengths that Mary & Malachi go to fight for each and everyone one of us.

When needed Mary and Malachi give proof of life and validation that we are never alone. An example is a client of Elizabeth's who has said that she has never met anybody with Elizabeth's Caliber of gift. The first time she had a reading with Mary and Malachi she was told of a conversation she had with her husband 2 weeks prior.

The readings are different for each person, they are very individual and personal. The information given is for your highest good and a lot of the times are quite astounding or it can be confirmation of your own insights. The readings are always conveyed with kindness and with no judgements. The readings are based on truth and for some this may be hard to hear, but if you are needing guidance and clarity to assist you with moving forward, then this is the reading for you.

"I have noticed many graces in the readings that are given. I have seen a blue spark arching into the clients heart. For me, it is like a mustard seed is planted, sitting dormant, until you are ready to commence your inner journey to move forward and live the life that is your destiny”

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