Elizabeth's Story

Red roseI often wonder what impressions people have of people with Psychic Gifts - that because we have our Gifts our life is smooth - that we have insight into our lives and therefore our life is easy. That spirit can be more blasé, and do us little favours ... mmmm 'if only'. Well that was not the case for me. If anything it was the opposite. Having the ability to see, hear and be shown many things from the spiritual realm from a very young age comes with its own set of life rules. I now associate these rules to Universal Laws. For me to understand these Laws and then assist others I first was required to experience them. With this realisation I began to understand the truth behind the lessons I was to learn. I began to look at my life through a different set of eyes and appreciate and accept all the lessons that I have learnt throughout my life. I began to fully understand what it means to accept what we cannot change, to let go of the past, forgiveness, to be non-judgemental, to understand the Universal Laws of as above so below, the Law of karma and so on...

"The only thing that matters is the kindness we show towards ourselves and others"

I can honestly say that I have learnt that there are no coincidences in life. I am always humbled and honoured by the people that are sent to me by my two spiritual guides Mary and Malachi. It is through my life experiences that I am able to relate to my clients and when required share my experiences. This assists people by letting them know they are not alone on their journey of life and that obstacles that are currently in their path can be overcome.

A Brief Overview...

From my earliest memory I can remember having the ability to communicate with spirit. For me, it was a natural part of my everyday life and nothing out of the ordinary. However, I soon realised that it was not 'ordinary' for everyone else. I began to understand that I was 'different'. I am also from a Catholic family that had little or no understanding for what I was experiencing.

I quickly understood that my family did not want to know what was happening to me and that it was easier to say nothing. This thinking carried on throughout my life and into my childhood, teens and with my peers. Isolated would be a word I would use to describe my growing years.

Moving into my adulthood and having my psychic ability develop throughout my childhood and teens, it was still to be years before I would accept the gifts I was born with. I can vividly remember sitting at a kitchen table with my known world in pieces, feeling valueless, hopeless, despairing and absolutely empty. At that precise moment of letting go and surrendering to spirit I can remember saying "alright let's do this".

This being 'My will over thy will'. Spirit then began to teach me of the importance to be able to detach, overcome jealousies, anger, hurt - while also having to recognise my shadow sides and accept those aspects of my personality. It was through this process that I became the person that I am today. Through this experience I felt I was being re-built, but with the tools that were being taught to me by my spirit guides Mary and Malachi.

When doing a reading for someone, Mary and Malachi listen to what each person's higher self has to say and transmits the messages to me. All I do is relay this information.