Elizabeth Mani

Australian Psychic Medium

Welcome to the official website of Australian psychic medium Elizabeth Mani. On this site you will find a large collection of resources, products, and services offered by Elizabeth. Elizabeth's life purpose is to help others. She does this through her gift of her two spiritual guides Mary & Malachi and her qualifications attained throughout many years of working within the spiritual industry in Brisbane, Australia and worldwide.

Elizabeth Mani


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Elizabeth is a very experienced, and most importantly, very accurate psychic medium. With her spiritual guides Mary & Malachi, she conducts a wide range of different readings for individuals & groups.

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Elizabeth offers other professional services including energy clearings, psychic development courses, Bach Flower consultations, and meditation development sessions.

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At the forefront of everything Elizabeth does, is her Sacred Seal of Protection and the Sacred Meditation taught to Elizabeth by her two spiritual guides Mary & Malachi and used to help protect everyone she connects with.

Elizabeth Mani

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a psychic medium whose life purpose is to help others. Elizabeth works directly with her two spiritual guides Mary (Magdalene) & Malachi, part of the ‘Order of the Blue Robe’. It is through them that Elizabeth has been blessed with a special gift that allows her to channel a divine influence to help people heal & develop. Just like Doreen Virtue works with the Angels, Elizabeth works with the Saints.